Heritage Farm Workshops

Heritage Farm helps rural and urban families learn about nature, organic gardening, history and small farm projects in northern Canada.

Heritage Farm has moved to online classrooms for this season 

Join our Small Farm Community on FaceBook and email for  Upcoming Workshops:

  • Permaculture Design ~ learning from nature to build sustainable ecosystems
  • Seed Starting ~ learn how to grow your own transplants from seed
  • Seed Saving ~ harvesting heritage seeds for your own collection
  • Starting your own Plants from Seed ~ methods and cultural requirements
  • Raised Bed Gardening ~ less weeding, less watering and more food in the north
  • Small Farm Production and CSA projects
  • Northern Gardening ~ learn to garden and extend the growing season
  • Antiques, Restoration and Conservation projects for groups and families
  • Honey Bee Health ~ attracting pollinators to your gardens
  • Landscape Design  ~ designs and planning before investing time and money
  • Wildcrafting ~ harvesting of wild edible plants
  • Healthy Soils ~ vermiculture and composting
  • Preserving the Season ~ canning and processing
  • Ancient Grains ~ Emmer and Red Fife
  • Farm Fresh ~ food from the field to your kitchen, the local food chain
  • Heritage Breed Poultry ~ supplies, breeds and care
  • Culinary Tourism~  road trips to explore in your own back yard
  • Northern Greenhouses ~ planning, building & growing
  • Nature Therapy ~ explore outdoor adventures for body, mind and spirit
  • Rural Photography ~ classes to help you capture wonderful memories
  • History Conservation ~ the Art of Storytelling, digital, written and event planning

Custom workshops are available for your community group or private event:  Contact us for more information

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